Iran Inventions Grand Prize
Policymaking council
Dr.naser masoumi
( Deputy of Research and Technology of Tehran University )
Prof . mohamad ali sarlak
( President PNU )
Dr. Ali khodashahi
( relationship with University )
Asghar Norallah zadeh
( CEO Of Omid Employer Accunt )
DR. naser akhavan
( member of amir kabir university sttaf )
Eng. Peyman sarhadi
( CEO of Maad and the best inventor in world at 2011 )
mostafa hasani
( Policy Council Secretary - Assistant, Senior Advisor to the President )
Ing. seyed hamidreza ghasemi
( Executive Secretary of the Grand Prize - CEO 780 )
rasool Shahsevani
( President of the international iran invention grand prize )
prof. mohammad ali zolfi gol
( The worlds top scientists and headed of Ali Sina University )
Dr.mahmoud molanejad
( Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology and Chairman of IORARCSTT )
Eng. Mehrdad elyasi
( President of the Patent Office Country )
Dr. Hosein bonakdari
( Director General of Education , Research and Technology, Ministry of Energy )
pro.mohsen jahanshahi
( Postdoctoral Nano Biotechnology , University of Birmingham -UK )
Dr. Ali salajeghe
( Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Tehran University pardis )
DR.seyed ahmad mirbagheri
( Nasir al-Din Tusi dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering )
Ali akbar rahmani
( chief executive of festival )
Dr. mohamad kazem koohi
( Faculty member of Tehran University )
valioallah mohamadi
( Faculty member of Tehran University )
DR.alireza basiri
( Member of Khwarizmi Festival Committee )
Dr.Mohamad hasan ikani
( Member of Khwarizmi Festival Committee )
Dr. habib honari
( Dean of the faculty of physical education and sports science at Allameh Tabatabai University )
Dr. Mehdi movahedi
( The baghiyatollah University - technology policy )
Dr. Safiollah safaei
( Chairman of Payam Noor University of Hamedan )
Dr.Daryush mula
( full Profesor )
Eng. Alireza raheb
( Top student at Tehran University )
Dr. Reza alizadeh
( Environmental Energy Manager )
Dr. forod sharifi
( Faculty member of the Institute of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management )
Dr.Hosein farazmand
( Deputy monitoring and evaluation of research , education and agricultural extension )
Dr. ali asghar alamolhoda
( President Sharif University of Technology Institute of Energy and Water )
Dr.salahe kochakzadeh
( Faculty member of Tehran University )
Eng. Akbar negimi
( Consultant , specializing in Technology Assessment International )
Dr.abbas ranjbar
( Head of the Institute of Meteorology )
Dr. Zahra javaherian
( Director of Environment and Sustainable Development )
Dr. Rasoul shahsavani
( German University - faculty at the Tehran University )
Dr.Ali nayebi
( fars Science and Technology Park Assistant )
Dr.jahangir porhemat
( Faculty member of the Institute of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management )
Dr. mohammad hosein mahdian
( Director of Research Projects Research Agency training and agricultural extension )
Dr. Mojtaba Ghodsi
( Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, Sep. 2013 – present. )
Dr.fariborz abbasi
( Agricultural Engineering Research Institute )
eng. abolfazl shafiei
( Center for Technology and Innovation Cooperation )
Dr. Asghar gandomkar
( Faculty of fars university and petroleum ph.d )
Dr. Daryamehr keshani
( PhD in Industrial Management )
Dr. Omid mehrabi
( adviser and Director of Technology )
Dr. Valioallah roshan
( Project manager for the promotion of science and technology of oil )
Dr. mahmood arab khedri
( Member of the Institute of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management )
Dr. abdolrasool telvari
( Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Center )
Dr. Davod hayat gheyb
( Deputy Director of Research and Technology Development Environment )
Dr.Abolfazl Isaabadi
( Faculty member of University )
Eng. Akbar mansouri
( Director of Scientific Cooperation and the elite defenses in Tehran )
Dr. homayoun sabaghzadeh
( Water Research Institute of the Ministry of Energy )
dr. mansour fakhri
( Faculty in Khwaja Nasiruddin university )
Dr. manoochehr gorji
( Associate Professor in Soil Conservation & Management )
Dr. kambiz bazargan
( Head of the Research Institute for Soil and Water )
Dr. jahanfar daneshian
( Director of the Office for Sustainable Development and Environment research, education and agricultural extension )
Dr.jamalodin hashemian
( Sharif University faculty member Water Institute )
Dr. hasan rouhi pour
( Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands )
dr. mohammad mohsen sadr
( Committee Information )
Dr. parviz garshasbi
( Deputy deserts and grasslands of Forest, Rangeland and Watershed )
Dr.mohammad hasan rozi talab
( Soil and Water Research Institute )
Dr.Alireza Alimardani
( Professor in Mechatronics )
Dr.majid valadan
( Director General of the Office of Technology Commercialization )
Dr. reza maknun
( Amir Kabir University faculty )
Dr. nematollah khorasani
( Professor in Environmental Pollutions and Forestry )
Administrative Committee
Eng. Mohsen jalali
( head of Committee )
Eng. Abazar salehi
( Workshops Responsible )
Eng. Akbar negimi
( Relationship with the industry )
Artan Akherikhoub
( Director of Arbitration Commission )
Dr. Daryamehr keshani
( relationship with University )
hosein arsalani
( Public Relations )
Eng. Erfan Jalilian
( Affairs attendance responsibilities )
Kamran hosein zadeh
( Grand Prize Consultant )
eng.saeid fotohi
( 1 )
Fatemeh rahim zadeh
( Responsible for international contracts )
Mohsmmad habibi
( Grand Prize Consultant )
mehrdad ali asghari
( Grand Prize Consultant )
bahman soleimani
( Graphic designer )
farnood taghdisi borhani
( Head of Informatics )
motahareh ghasemi
( Graphic designer )
shahram hasanvandian
( Legal Affairs )
reza ghasemi
( Legal Affairs )
Ebrahim Jaberi
( member of executiv staff )
seyed abdolah mir aghasi
( member of executiv staff )
International Committee
Eng. Iman Mohseninia
( Responsible for International Affairs )
Moody Wells
( Connection with scientific centers of the University of Lausanne , Switzerland )
Sergio Rakow
( Associated with the University of Madrid and the Spanish Institute )
Sean Sanborn
( Connection with scientific centers and research institutes , Vienna , Austria )
Adrian V. Melara
( Associated with the University of Miami and the Institute of America )
James Wilson
( Connection with scientific centers of England and the University of Manchester )
Justin Moran
( Connection with scientific centers in France and the University of Lyon )
Shane Thompson
( Related scientific and research centers in Canada )
Ernest Maldonado
( Responsible for relations with research centers in Australia )
Jay Woolen
( Responsible for communication with scientific centers in India )
( Patents Affairs )
Alireza khosravi
( Responsible for liaison with universities in Italy )