Iran Inventions Grand Prize

Financial support procedure of Grand Prize

Sponsor privileges Specific Golden Silver Bronz Additional Pro
sponsored pattern inserted in TV commercials The grand prize   Offering teaser
Insert the supporting pattern on posters, invitation cards  
Insert the supporting pattern on site of the grand prize  
insertion the name of the sponsor in all news coverage of The grand prize  
pattern insertion on the patron statue, gifts and a plaque of appreciation for those   Awards donation
Introduce by the Secretariat Festival in interviews …  
Introduce by performing at the closing ceremony  
Insertion the name and pattern sponsor in the books and catalogs of the Festival   Donation of 20 books
pattern insertion on the stamp The grand prize sponsors   Donation of 120 stamps
Use patron flag on the decoration ceremony  
Introduce in production of live programs (radio and television)  
having booth in the side exhibibition grand prize  
Offering promotional items at the fair side Grand Prix  
Invite sponsors guests at the Grand Prix  
Presence of Press Conference of Grand Prize  
Receive a statuette and certificate of Gold sponsors award  
Insert the clip pattern sponsor Grand Prix   Video presentation
The sum of support ( $ )