Iran Inventions Grand Prize

Arbitration process

The primary purpose of the judgment that of all the projects submitted to the Secretarial, Inventions can be entered into the grand prize the judgment confirmed that the primary adhered to. This initial judgment is on the internet and electronic the inventor once submitted work, the referee is relevant to an initial judgment and to obtain permission to attend the Grand Prix. To this end the judges after the initial judgment, Results and points to the Secretariat, Electronically through the site will be sent and the Secretariat of the Grand Prix based on points, of each group, Premier plans to attend Grand Prize announced on track the inventors during the and as soon as the Grand Prix Milad Tower conference center announce their and plan to obtain personal judgment. It should be mentioned all programs moments before the start of the event will be notified to inventors after primary and secondary arbitration and then the inventor's favorites the Milad Tower conference center, the final jury will start. Grand jury inventions the booth will be this means that inventions in the presence of all participants including inventors, Investors, Industrialists, enthusiasts will be judged the all individuals listed can in the arbitration process and investors and industrialists to the inventor to commercialize their interaction.