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About Iranś Technological Home

Home of Iran’s technology, leading scientific organization, consisting of Iranian scholars and scientists which was established in 1390 in order to development and commercialization of technology. In the World Conference on Management of Technology in Washington America, this organization was raised for the first time by a group of elite research and needs assessment in order to meet the challenges of the IT. It was introduced as the Village of Knowledge and Technological Home. The Technological Home members consist of both scientists in Iran and abroad. It is suggested that collaborative team working leadto provide solutions to the executive act.

About the Grand Prize

Home technology as an organizer in cooperation with the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched its secretariat. In this way the organizations as sponsors to support the Technological Home. Technological Home on various steps can engage in partnership to enhance an advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship.

1. Understanding the policy- making organizations and technological for the moral and material support of the project
2. Attract agencies and industrial centers across the world
3. Signed agreements with industry and the real need to use the technology
4. Sign in Iran’s Science and Technology reconciliation with the agencies and organizations around the world in order to interaction of the world novel technologies and focusing on the production and commercialization of technologies

Other Aspects Of Grand Prize :

1. Production, commercialization, sales and technical information and communication technology for science, industry, market by the home technology
2. Presence of the Specialized industry owners in the arbitration process and the interaction between inventors and industrialists
3. Presence of the international companies and presentations of new achievement at the exhibition
4. Space is provided for posters to commercialization projects alongside international industrial companies around the world to interact and communicate
5. The largest gathering of technology experts and innovators
6. Unveiling of the technological aquarium and home technology
7. Consulting and evaluation of technical, economic and financial plans
8. Selected projects are presented to investors and follow up the production and sale
9. Need assessment organizations, institutions, and industry, and the introduction of relevant plans
10. Presence of the inventors in the judgment the of all inventions
11. Interaction between inventors and create a new plan

Process of arbitration:

Arbitration of Grand Prize for Inventions would be as kiosk model. This means that the invention in the presence of all participants, including inventors, investors, industrialists, enthusiasts will be judged, that all these mentioned people will be able to engage in the arbitration process. Finally, investors and industrialists will be able to interact with the inventor in order to commercialization. The arbitration will be held in 9 groups on three consecutive days from 9 am to 13 and 15 to 18.

1. Medical (Veterinary-Medical-Pharmaceutical Sciences)
2. Computer and IT
3. Electricity (communications-electronics-control-power)
4. Chemical engineering (engineering design of oil-gas and petrochemical polymer engineering)
5. Basic sciences (chemistry, food industry, physics, nanotechnology,…)
6. Civil Engineering and Architecture
7. Materials engineering and Metallurgy
8. Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic
9. Other fields

It should be noted that no booth assignment will be made. Only selected posters of inventions will be exhibited at the exhibition in Tehran's Milad Tower. Furthermore, the industries owners who can explore their posters entirely and they communicate with inventors via email and telephone number of them.

The procedure of inventions verification:

Sending works to Secretariat representing of Grand Prize in the applicant country and submitted to the secretariat of the Iran
Announcement of results to the representative of applicant countries
AdmittedPresence of inventors and international companies in the International Conference Center of Tehran Milad Tower
Arbitration by the presence in Tehran Milad Tower
Announcement of accepted results and Closing Ceremony

This plan is ready to run, after discussing the project with the collaboration of more than 40 experts and IT organization. If it be implemented completely, we can witness fundamental event in the elite society and technology and production technology.

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